[Featured]: Architeuthis (Giant Squid) Sightings

Agree, I imagine it comes with the trade -- it's shocking to most people but to them, it's a natural part of the trade, and I imagine they are desensitized to it all.

In any case, it's all a ubiquitous reminder, they're out there! There's also a bit of a revolt on Twitter discussing the maximum possible size of these beasties; interesting thread here discussing the earlier :oshea: papers, etc. on the matter:

I commented on the discussion about these sources here:

I love O'shea's work. But he has made some claims throughout his career that can be difficult to defend. In addition to the debate over the architeuthis's maximum size, he also suggested that this animal is a slow and inactive predator. But everything Kubodera finds seems to suggest otherwise. =\
agreed! ...and it would be great if we could somehow get the coordinates for where these squid were found.... we need an interactive sightings map... hover or click on the push-pin, see any photos, videos, timestamp, and facts / results about the sighting.

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