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Anyone's octo eat prepared foods?


Aug 11, 2003
I have a baby tank raised octo that seems to eat anything I put in her tank. Today I was out of mysis shrimp and guppies, so I put some brine shrimp pellets in there and she scarfed them down.

What else do you think she'd like? Any problems feeding live guppies or ghost shrimp?

Alanna & Squirt
I have had some dwarf octos that loved thawed out packaged Krill...I never tried shrimp pellets...good idea! Variety is the spice, after all...
Seeing that this is your first post, :welcome: to TONMO.com
Guppies might not be such a good idea as they might have been treated with copper based medications which are toxic to cephs. Ghost shrimps fine.
cat, fist of all hi :smile: , it's a sort of tradition to greet new user's I guess but it really does play a part in showing your true character...and to see if you have good manner's,hehe, back to the topic then.Personally i've tried packaged krill and got good result's, i've tried it with all my pet's-aquariam pet's lol, my octo "pinky" epecially loves it, he loves anything for that matter, but that's another story,hehe, :P
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