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Anyone need some Caulerpa?


Blue Ring
Aug 21, 2004
I have to weed out some of my caulerpa and rather than throw it out I would rather share it. I can send it to who ever wants it for postage from TX. Let me know. Thanks. :)

Donnie Darko
be sure and check with your post office first, Nick...Hawaii can be somewhat crazy about accepting what they deem to be "plants"...especially in this day and age. Too bad really...the days of free exchange seem to be fading away... perhaps if you told them what it was for, they might wave it?
(not meaning to throw a rock into this train track, just have had some bad experiences with shipping animals and plants lately...)
Sorry octomush, It will cost like $36.00 to get it there. They rack up the price outside the cont. US. That would be some costly algae!!!! 8)

USPS express is about $15 usually, if you can find a way to pack some in their envelope. Shipping to Hawaii might not be legal, but how would they know unless you marked the package.....
Regarding the legality...the post office and ups inspect all packages for live cargo(plants and animals). If it was contraband, the shipper could be fined heavily...ask the guy who brought in the asian arowanas by mail...

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