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Any CB octos??


O. bimaculoides
Jul 11, 2006
Hi, I was just wondering if there is any place where I can purchase a CB octopus? I see WC octopuses at my local aquarium store all of the time, but I don't really want to take them out of the wild. I purchased a WC octo before. I soon discovered that the collectors must have pulled her out of her den, as she had an egg wrapped up in her arms. She attached it to the bag (which she made her new den) and it hatched about a month later. I felt really bad when the baby died, because if it had hatched out in the ocean it would not have been sucked up by my filter. Also, if I buy a WC species, I will have no idea how old it is. I might only have it for another month or two.
There is a group of us that got captive bred bimacs from Zyan Silver. I am not sure if he has any young babies at this time but I do know the ones he has successfully raised are now almost 10 months old and starting to breed. You might want to PM him and ask status of future hatchings.
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