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Another one on the way


Oct 10, 2007
Ok, i have just placed an order for my first octopus. It will come from Live Aquaria just like mosthated's did. Hopefully, it will be aculeatus. It should arrive Tuesday, ill try to post pictures. It will reside in a 110 gallon "almost" cube with a sump, refugium, canister filter and skimmer as well as 100lbs of live rock, so im sure he'll be happy. Cant wait!
It was officially "picked up" at 11:05 a.m. for delivery today and should be here tomorrow. =D
Is it okay if i keep him in one of those little "critter keeper" tanks just to make sure hes eating before i let him go explore his new home? or should i just let him go?
Yes, a number of our Tonmo octo keepers have put their small octopuses in a critter keeper or something similar, to make sure everything is OK before releasing them into a large tank.

Hes here!! I am following the drip acclimating instructions on live aquaria, so right now im floating him in the bag to get the temp. the same and later i will start the drip acclimation. He has about a 1 inch mantle, and from what i can see hes very active. Hes been moving around the bag since i took him out of the box.. I hope everything goes well

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