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aluminum/picture window breeder?


Pygmy Octopus
Jun 23, 2010
I have a small cuttle fish I am raising (only survivor out of 5) that is still in the breeder net. I was thinking of switching to a picture window fish breeder box (jehmco sells them). But the one thing that worries me is that it has aluminum. Is it safe to use? I've used them with other fish and in tanks with inverts, but I know cephalopods are more sensitive to metals in the water. Has anyone used these before? I'd love to be able to see my little guy a little better!
I am always uncomfortable with aluminum since many things marked aluminum do rust (probably a steel/aluminum alloy rather than aluminum). According to Wikipedia when aluminum oxidizes it should form hydrogen and heat so the rust is likely other metals mixed in (not likely copper - also mentioned in the article - since these are inexpensive products and copper has become expensive). The only go-by I can suggest is that the description does NOT say it is saltwater safe (but it does not say freshwater only). There are full plastic containers that may be a better choice but my thoughts are not well educated concerns.

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