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Aluminum in aquariums?????


Jan 5, 2003
Does aluminum have the same effect as copper on octopuses? The reason I'm asking is because I have a cooler I found for my tank that has an aluminum coil set-up. Can some one give me some advise? Will this work? Thanks !!!!
Aluminium is toxic to marines, it will soon corrode in saltwater. I would advise against using it. Aluminium could also cause problems with low pH if I recall correctly.

Jason Scott
a good marine chiller should have shielded alum. coils...check to see if they are coated! Otherwise, it will kill everything in short order!

aluminium breaks down slightly in saltwater, even though it doesn't rust, in a small environment like a tank it becomes deadly for inverts...thats why they usually coat any alum parts in working pumps, etc. It doesn't effect vertebrates that much, so often a dealer will sell a standard chiller to an invert keeper innocently. That is why it pays to shop at a local store where they keep reef tanks, and know what they are doing...
I know this thread is 5 years old, but I've found myself in a similar situation. Does anyone know what coatings can be used on aluminum to render is safe for a marine aquarium?

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