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Almost Dead


Blue Ring
Jun 5, 2005
I came home to find Squirt laying against the overflow. I thought she was dead and picked her up but she was still barely alive. I put her in a seperate breeding net. She was the only thing in the tank besides the star and the shrimp and the water params are green. She won't eat. She seemed to revive a little. I don't know what is wrong. I don't think she will last the night.
She is Gone

:cry: Despite a week of constant worry and attention Squirt died last night. I could only think I did something wrong but I have no idea what. She ate well on the first night but then refused to eat and becam less and less active. Would a nitrate count of 20 do this? That was the worst it ever got Everything else was good, ammonia 0, nitrite, 0 PH 8.1, non-hostile tank mates, lots of places to hide, Specific Gravity 1026, water temp was 70F. What a crappy week.

IME, 70 is too cold for bandensis.

What kind of fish did you have in there, and didn't you say it was startling the cuttle?

I removed the fish days ago. I had no idea that 70F would kill a bandesis. I knew their metabolic rate was tied to temp but I thought it would make them live longer like Ocotos not kill them. Do you think that is what caused it?
70 is rather low...my tank temp dips to 72 once in a blue moon, but it doesnt stay long...If your water parameters showed ok, the temperature would be my guess. Ive also had a couple die not long after acclimating into mytank while..10 others did fine, so you never know...
70 is on the low side but shouldn't have killed the bandensis. Being a tropical species I would normally aim for about 74 - 80 deg F. I would have guessed it would have just slowed it down.

How long was she maintained at that temperature and how long did you have her?

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