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ahhhh manitis shrrimp found!!!!!

Apr 20, 2005
I just found a mintisis srimp in my tank or so I think the things that swimm rely fast and try to beat its preay to death with its club like claws that one will it hurt the octo? it is farly small half an inch maby scarry green and 2 big eyes
You must have good eyes to find a mantis of that size the the tank - are you sure it is not just an amphipod of some type? Some look very much mantis "like".

Have a quick looky HERE first and let us know what you think.
it sure isnt that Mantis shrimp looks like this only green not good I will fish him out in the morning and see what I can do my tank lights are out and its realy late

MESSAGE FROM NANCY - Clownfish, you need to edit this post. Your links can't be included in this way - you need to click on the image that looks like a little globe (Insert Hyperlink) when you're writing your message and follow instructions to set up link.
Fix those links so we can have a look. And dont son anything hasty - there no reason why anything should be taken out of the tank to suffer these days.

If indeed it is a mantis, there are people who keep them (like me) and set up a tank of their own for them!
I fixed the link for you Clownfish.

As Nancy says, use the Hyperlink button found in the 'go advanced' posting section.

And as far as the Mantis, let me echo Mike's suggestion and say that you could go far worse than setting up a small 5 gallon tank just for the mantis, they can be great fun!
I found one in my 50...If you need tips on getting it out...This is what I did.

On the rare occasion that you see it, it willscurry into a rock when it sees you. Try to slowly take that rock out. And to get it out of the rock, Dip it in freshwater. It jumps right out...
I need to do a little surch today because I rearanged the rocks to put another decoration in (my octopus had few places to hide when I took the decor out) sorry about the link Ill use the other way now
Well your picture (althought small) shows O Scyllarus, so it wont be that, don't beleive the hitchike in LR.

Where is the rock from?

Most hitchiking mantis dont get much bigger than a few inches, and in a reef are more or less harmless (to me anyway having had them for some time). But TBH, i think your octo will probs make a meal of it soon.

Agreed though, for octo safety (just in case) probably best to remove, if it is.

As far as fresh water dipping, yes it will work, but not very friendly, :lol: It would be left in the fresh water and could suffer from osmotic(?) shock.

If you do remove the rock, hold it over a bucket of normal salt water, and flush with a little carbonated water. It will then pop out directly into salt water, and shouldn't take harm from this.

Again, lol, if it were me, that rock would go into another tank, or my sump until i could find a new home.
Mantis! Say 'hello' Phil!


Due to technical difficulties caused by a mantis either a) attempting to type, or b), rampaging on top of a keyboard, "Phil" 's response cannot be displayed. We apologize for any inconvenience.​

Okay, Phil is... not going to say hello. (I can't afford the extra keyboards it would cost me :wink2: ).

Okay, half an inch insinuates it is fairly young. REALLY young. Green insinuates that it was kept in a brightly lit environment before, likely shallow water. Many people who keeep mantises would like one at that stage as it suggests that it should live about 7 years yet if properly cared for.
Of course that's only if it is a larger somatopod and NOT either a smaller mantis, or (more likely), a very large amphipod. NEED PICTURE TO BE POSITIVE!
Stomatopods have varying lifespans throught out the various different members of the family, and if this is a stomatopod, there is a chance it is already fully grown!!. Doubt it thought, more likely to be a sort of N Wennerae type so again a small species.

Roy would probably know more about Mantis Vs Octopus, and what potential damage would be, but my feelings say octo will be fine and will have a tasty treat comeing his way soon.

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