ahabs babies update

Feb 24, 2005
well now were down to 4 i think in the breeder cage... found a dead one around lunch time. the other one i can find seem to be fine still swimming around and such. i still havent seen any more in the tank which leads me to believe that they hatched the other night and most may have been lost to filtration and the 1 cardnal that is left... oh well maybe ill get lucky and start seeing little octos crawling around in a few weeks. the mother seems to be fine. she has actually been in the process of excavating a series of tunnels under the rocks for her new den. she still isnt really coming out but i guess that will take some time. anyway thats all for now.

oh yeah and the reef bugs do work its amazing there were thousand and thousands of little mysids shrimp and pods crawling and swimming in the tank last night.
Don't give up - I had a baby briareus appear after 4 MONTHS - she hid all the while!! I peered into that tank several times a day during that period and I never saw her. Fortunately, the tank was well stocked and I didn't suspect anything until larger crabs began to mysteriously "die".

Be sure to add new food frequently for those in breeders (tip I learned at the NRCC a few years ago - encourage eating by adding new food).

It sounds like your mother octo might live on...some do. Please offer food to her.

This is an interesting experiment. Glad to hear that the Reef Bugs are working out.

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