Addicted to Smilies


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May 30, 2000
I've added LOTS of smillies to help you express yourself (as if you needed it). I can't seem to stop searching for them and choosing the ones I like, and adding them. Nothing beats the original, though... :smile: More to come I'm sure.
My fisch didn't work :frown:
Say - when I tried to edit my post - it wouldn't let me. Is this feature gone?

There we go... :goldfish:

Sorry, I catch on slowly. :snail:
Yeah, thanks for sending these to me, Tintenfisch! You have no idea how many smilies I've looked at in the past 24 hours, and not one cephalopod. Thanks for creating these! 8) Nice work!
:lol: Brainvolio! that's a good one! i should edit the sig so it says that.

and i like your sig very much too! actually laughed out loud. :P

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