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Actinic lighting?


O. bimaculoides
Jan 11, 2006
What are peoples thoughts on this for an octopus? I find it freaks my octopus out. (or appears to anyway) He is more likely to ink and less likely to come out.
I don't know of any octopus/ceph keepers that use actinic. Probably for that very reason. The lighting needs do differ from species to species, though.
Use red lights, it looks wierd, but your octo cannot see it, it can see actinics however.
i had a post similar to this a lil ways back.... i put just actinic in and my octo never came out. it looked cool to see in the tank and i thought it would be a light with less strength but from what i hear the octopus's eyes see that light different than we do. it is much brighter to them therefor they stay in the den. once i pout my 10000k daylight back in there and ditched the actinic i cant keep the lil guy in its den!
Tone1987;94475 said:
rudy how long have you had your octopus? An can you give an example when hes freaked out?

I have had had him six months or so.

What I mean by freaking out is never coming out of his den and when he does to eat I literally just have to move and he will ink.

He hasn't inked since I got him!

Anyway I just changed it back to 1000k and he is happy.
Abdopus is a day active species that tolerates very bright light, probably because it lives in the very low intertidal to just subtidal. O. cyanea is another species that is also day active and doesn't seem to mind bright illumination.

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