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Acrylic Pipe


O. bimaculoides
Feb 25, 2004
Does anyone have a source for 4-6 inch acrylic pipe at decent prices? I know where I can get it in 10 foot lengths, but I don't want that much. Or if anyone else would like to go in on a purchase together I'd be willing to do that.
PVC won't work?
Otherwise I would suggest letting your fingers do the walking and call all the plastics dealers in the phone book. They may have scraps also. If yo tell them exactly what it is for they may even keep an eye out for scraps for you.

I can check here in Cleveland, but adding shipping to you may make it prohibitive.
PVC would work too. I was just wanting something clear, and I haven't found any out here yet.

There's a couple projects I want to try building with it. I'll want 2 pieces about 2 1/2 feet each.
I want to build a nitrate reducer and an oxygen reactor. I know the nitrate reducer will just turn dark with stuff inside over time, but I still want to use acrylic. The oxygen reactor is something I'd like to add next month. I've read some really interesting plans on how to make them and read a couple studies on how supersaturated water affects the occupants of a tank. If I'm just going to run it shrimp and crabs and other small items for the first couple months I'd like to see how much they'll grow. Then when I finally get my octopus at least he'll have plenty of food available.

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