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Acclimation and Tank temp


Jun 7, 2004
Can you guys tell me how to acclimate my new cuttle thats coming on Friday.

And probably one for Colin - what's you tank temp mate? are you cooling in anyway at the mo.

During the past hot days, mins gone up to 22.5oC with a fan cooling - think I should by another to bring it down more? (on a normal days sits at 21.5)
To acclimatise ('acclimate' is what our american friend ssay :wink: lol) the best thing to do is to very gently open the box when the cuttle arrives and let some light in... dont open the box quickly as it has sat in darkness for several hours and will ink if you open it suddenly.

Then untie the bag and over an hour drip water through an airline from the tank into the bag (much harder with an octo as they climb out!) then once an hour has passed and the water is fairly diluted with new water scoop the cuttle out and gently pour it into the new tank using a pint glass or similar. If you use a net you can damage their skin and it will most probably ink!

leave the lights off all day and dont feed it. let it settle in. Avoid all sudden movements and noises.. or you will get a blackout! If it is as big as 15cm it could easily fill a tank to the point you cant see in.

where are you getting it from?

The temp will be okay but that really is the maximum.

Is it being shipped in water with MGCl2 to calm it down? If so you dont want any of that water getting in your tankand its more tricky... find out..

Also, i dont have a cuttle tank at the mo, and the last one say about 20 or so up to 24 max i think
Sorry mikey

i just mean its tricky to try and get the cuttle into the tank without the MgCl2 going in too...

i used a small glass to lift out my baby cuttles from the bag one at a time and tried topour off as much of the water as i could before slipping them into the new tank, hopefully they wont ink going into the tank.

Did you have to set up a trade account with ATL? Or were they quite happy to send the cuttle?

GOOD LUCK TODAY :biggrin2:
Hey Col,


I didn't set up an account as I hoped I would only have to use them once!! If you don't have an account they will still trade, but you have to pay up front. The MD there is really helpful an a seems a nice chap.

I was very worried when you mentioned the mag chlor, so I took ages to acclimatise and by the end it was pratically 100% water change in the bag.

I used a pint glass, and let him swim out, as to not let much water back into the main tank.

As soon as he went in he started flashing and showed (i think) a threat display - Black bands of colour, with two artms held above his head, and two outstreched below.

Can't wait til he gets used to me - does this take long?

He's such a cool fella, just chilling out around the bottom of the tank.
Here's a very bad pic too:

He's hanging about near the top of my tank next to some Chaetomorpha algae.

He seems to always bumb backwards into the glass - is he just testing his surroundings, or is he a bit dim? :lol:

Hope he becomes my friend soon 8)
Hi Mikey

good news!

They cant see the glas so bump backwatds into it, as long as its genltle its okay but quick darts can damage them

what size is it?

Within a few days it will start to recognise you as food god so just a wee bit of time :smile: It may take them a bit of time to get over the MgCl2....

wakey wakey :smile:

He's about 13cm at the mo, including arms.

Sorry, but another quick question - whats the growth rate like? How old will they be at adult length?

Never thought he could still be under the affects of MgCl2!

He's a beauty - will be borrowing a mates digi cam so wil get some better shots up soon.

If I were to try and get him onlt a dead food diet, would would you recommend? Crab, shrimp, fish (mackerel cod etc) sand eels - anything else?
hmmm adult length.....

thats a tricky one because potentially it could get to 45cm at final adult length but from memory i'd say that mine were sexually dimporphic at about the size yours is now and in a 200 gal system the male got to be about 25cm + arms, i cant remember exactly... :roll: and that took about a year or so from 12mm.... they grow fast with lts of heat and food

as for food, id say all of the above, try loosly tying a bit of food onto a thread and dangling it... i used my fingers sometimes...


thats the feeding tentacles zapping out for food which was frozen and thawed prawn
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