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Abdopus aculeatus


O. bimaculoides
Jan 11, 2006
Now that I know what I have, I would love to hear about others with them. Size, personality, do they ever do that cool walking on two leg thing?

Mine is in my 75 so I am also wondering if that tank is o.k. for it and I guess what iother items (expendable items I could put in there eventually).

Thanks in advance!

I have a ton of vids as well. This guy is not tough to photograph!!!


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well the chinese restaurant told me they had it for 3/4 months after they got it from a pet store (that i also believe to be asian). i had it 1 month. i think i didn't have my tank cycled just yet, which is weird because i added cheap fin fish to spike the ammonia - thus getting the process going. also, i own an urchin i've had in there for 1 1/2 months and they're picky about water quality yet it's lived and looks fine (hasn't lost any spines).

octos are super sensitive and i think maybe the nitrate level did it in. i'm hypothesizing that the good bacteria hasn't been established enough to neutralize the nitrate levels. i did water changes since the octo produced alot of waste, and even added AmQuel (ammonia/nitrate remover) but still my nitrate levels were high. ammonia was always .25 and could never seem to get a 0 level.

anyone who plans on keeping octos i'd say do frequent water changes, but it's a double-edge sword because you don't wanna remove the good bacteria by removing too much water too frequently!
Just make sure the cycle is complete. Doing water changes or adding chemicals to remove ammonia during the cycle is only going to make the cycle take longer, thus defeating the purpose. The bacteria you want to keep is going to be in the filtration material, not the water column.

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