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a question of cost


Aug 10, 2006
here i am trying to set up a reef tank which might eventually also house some sepiola atlantica (which ive researched and found can quite happily cope with slightly warmer waters and smaller tanks, 4-5 in a 10 gal tank) this tank is a practice run before i have a go at keeping true cuttles such as bandenasis. anyway forget the sepiola for now but i trekked down to my local pet store today and was shocked at the price to get started and was wondering if it was the norm. a 24 gal tank (nano cube to be specific) live rock, salt and hydrometer was coming up in the region of £500 gbp (thats roughly $900 usd) and im quite sure that dosnt even come with a skimmer or anything. all in all im really asking 2 questions,
1) is this the kind of price i should be expecting to set up a basic reef tank?
2) is there anything from the above list im missing with regards to a reef tank and maybe eventually sepiola?

any help would be greatly appreciated
thanks in advance
Is Sepiola Atlantica the same as a Bobtail Squid?

My girlfriend really, really, really likes Bobtail Squids and I didn't know they were the least bit available for hobbyists.
yeah its a bobtail squid but generally speaking they arent available for hobbyists. However i found this article Breeding and culture of Sepiola and from what ive read there it seems a do-able and sustainable idea, though more research is needed. The big downside, from what i can tell is the need for lower temperatures and very short lifespan (6 months at most) the only reason i might be able to give it a go is that they are native to my local waters and my university sometimes accidently pulls up specimens while sampling, and they are willing to let me have any they find once my tanks established... if i ever get to it (which is code for, if it ever stops looking more and more expensive)

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