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55 Gal vs 75 Gal for first time octo owner?


Oct 11, 2004
Hello everyone and thanks for a great website. I've been reading for a few months now trying to learn as much as possible. I've finally saved up enough money to go on and buy my inital setup and am ready to get some damsels and have them get my tank ready to rock! Right now I'm torn between the 55 gallon and 75 gallon tank. One of my limiting factors is the fact I am living in a dorm room and its not exactly a mansion :smile: My friend has a 75 gallon but it does take up quite a bit of room and I wonder if the 55 gallon would suffice for my Octo? Also what are the opinions of going Glass vs Acrylic? Thanks for all the help and I look forward to seeing my Octo in about 3 months :smile:

First of all, welcome!
Bigger is always better...but a 55 would be just fine for a bimac...I really like acrylic more than I do glass, but the cost is a bit higher, and removing corraline algae is next to impossible...so your maintenance is a bit tougher...a glass 55 would all in all, be the best 'round...
Hi there dorm-dweller!

I probably had a larger dorm room than you do, but I had my 75 gallon snowflake moray tank set up in mine. Yeah, it took up lots of space, but with my bed bunked and my desk and computer underneath it, it worked well enough.

If i had the choice between 75 or 55, i'm not sure what i would pick. 75 meant more room for my moray. But for an octo, i'd definately go for 55.

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