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55 gal tank setup

Mar 2, 2006
im awaiting the arrival of my 55gal (2nd hand) i was assured that there were no copper meds. used in it so that relieve me...

as for hoods,skimmer/filtration system, i was lookin at all the articles but i seem to be a little confused (i eventually want to get it cycled enough for an octo)

i think im lookin for what else i need (brands and such would help greatly)

i know i need live rock and sand but its the setup thats stumping me

any help would be MUCH appreciated
Well, definatly get read up on saltwater keeping, it's quite a bit more complicated than fresh water. Its pretty confusing to start with but after a bit of research youll get it, there are lots of factors to think about.

For live rock for an octo tank, the going rate is between a 1/2 pound per gallon and 1 pound/G, although you can go up to 1 1/2pounds per gallon if you want to.

Are you going to use a sump? Most here would definately reccommend it, check out this website.... http://www.melevsreef.com/what_sump.html

You will want a skimmer, go second hand unless you've got lots of cash.
Find one thats rated to an aquarium bigger than 55 gallons, and have a look for feedback on that particular model - www.reefcentral.com is good for asking questions about things like that.

Reef keepers tend not to use Wet/dry systems, but since an octopus is a messy animal it is generally reccommended.

http://www.fnzas.org.nz/fishroom/links-to-reference-sites-vt7074.html is a good list of sites with all the info you need (ignore the New Zealand stuff)

Read through this thread to see what others here have spent on their setup and what works for them... what do you have and how much do you have in your ceph set up

You dont have to use sand - it gets dirty and probably means more maintenence, but most prefer the look. I think most go with a shallow layer - 1 inch, which gives the look but doesnt have some of the problems of deeper sandbeds.

Hope that gets you started, definately do lots of reading until your comfortable with everything, just take it slow.
Only bad things happen fast in marine tanks so the saying goes. :biggrin2:
haha yeah thanks, that helps alot... i have been reading alot on the setup, and i do plan on using a sump, and money doesnt really matter much to me, but i dont wanna go overboard
A sump is IMHO an absolute necessity. The typical rhetoric is that it adds a maarked volume of water, thus aiding stability, and makes water changing and dosing a breeze. I like them because it's another aquarium, that is unsightly and cluttered. But all the stuff you don't want to see, and all the pipes, filters, and etc,. are tucked away under the stand, with only the viewing tank in sight. Now that I have given my endorsement for sumps, I have to say that the feelers had done a bang-up job getting you pointed in the right direction.

Looking back, I must have been having a good day!, however this mornings headache isnt going so well. :-/ so I'll be brief...

I've never seen one but those penguin filters look fine to me, and you can run them on the sump which will make octo-proofing way easier.
I liked the sump article...never read it before.

Does anyone here use a surface skimmer like the one posted? I have always used netted overflows with screened standpipes to keep the cephs out.

How do you do block a standard overflow with a siphon?
ok the tank is here and the stand is comin within a hour... i opted not to get those penguin filters with it.... so looks like its back to the drawingboard for my sump list
Actually, I mean how do you block the overflow from letting the cephs get down it?
Its actually quite hard to find good info on how to do this, Dan (Dhyslop) has a good thread somewhere on what he did I think, although he wasnt using a siphon.

You can have a siphon, or a weir overflow, www.dursostandpipes.com is a popular design. There are other ways, but these are the most common types. As for octoproofing it after you have chosen which one you want, I think most put some type of fine mesh around the unit(not the intake to the pipe). Someone here has a thread where they use eggcrate to make a grating.
I don't yet have a thread on my octoproofing. I think the thread in question is by Detritus? It seemed to me he found a way to clamp down a piece of filter medium above is overflow.

I went a bit overboard with mine. I ground 25 1 x 1/4" slots into the side glass of my aquarium and built the overflow box externally. A small octopus could get through any of the holes pretty easily, but not when there's a piece of window screen zip-tied to the slots!

quick question:

putting a seahorse in a tank and then introducing the octo, would the octo take over the seahorse(s) or would they mind themselves?

not that im planning on it, but roomates+gf was asking about it

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