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54 gallon corner bow


O. bimaculoides
Jan 11, 2006
I am getting an oceanic system for my octopus. This is tank I want as its fits perfectly upstairs.

Question is should I go with no overflow or with overflow? I would like to go with an overflow so I can hide the skimmer and cut the noise down, I just worry about the octopus getting into the overflow.

Are there ways to octoproof this system?
I have an Oceanic Systems tank with an overflow. We cut a piece of acrylic to fit over the open top of the overflow and attached it with a duct tape hinge at the back above the water line. We had no trouble with an octopus in the overflow.

I suppose you could think of other ways to more fully secure it, like drilling a hole at the front of the lid and tying it down through the overflow holes.

So far so good with Trapper and our TIGHT sponge in the overflow. We keep the sponge about 1/2 under the water line. It is about 4" thick and two inches wider and longer than the overflow opening. The sponge has a fairly rough texture and that may be part of the success (so far). Weekly rinsing seems to be plenty to keep it clean.
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