2018 Cephalopod International Advisory Council Symposium


Sepia elegans
Staff member
Moderator (Staff)
Jan 6, 2005
Dancing between Vancouver and Auckland
If anyone will be present at CIAC (or would like to live vicariously through attendees), this is the thread for you!
Please feel free to post fun "ceph-themed" posts and pictures from the CIAC proceedings, starting this weekend. ALCES will be there in full force, and we will try to post some of the highlights!
Ok, end of day 1! We had some some fantastic talks about systematics, biogeography, and fisheries today. In the evening, we had a welcome/meet and greet at the Tampa Bay Aquarium. Everyone is just so enthusiastic about cephalopods!

Yeah, this is a tough one to miss. Flying to Orlando tomorrow... I just have too much work on, and not enough days off to parlay this into a personal & work trip. Oh well, I'm just glad the ceph community is thriving... I'll catch up!

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