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18 Baby Cuttles and no live mysids


Apr 28, 2013
Hi I recently went to my local fish store to find out they had a bunch of cuttle fish eggs. the ones that hatched the store was feeding them frozen food ..so knowing they have to eat live mysid or something live I bought up the rest of the eggs which ended up being 18 I cannot find live mysid anywhere I live in Toronto Canada and there is no place I know of that has them or ships them to Canada so what I would like to know is Can I feed them live Brine?? Cause that is all I have been able to find other than that there is ghost shrimp around and that is it ...Will they eat frozen mysis as new hatchlings they have been eating live brine for 5 days and I have been putting frozen mysis in with them hoping they will eat it..I have phyto plankton which I culture and I am gut loading the brine with this before feeding ?? My main concern is will their lives be affected greatly if I feed them live brine gut loaded for the first 2 weeks or month until I can get them eating frozen??
Thanks any advice will be helpful and much appreciated
I don't know if they were eating the frozen in the store the guy said he never watches to see if they eat it.. They are from a store where they really don't care if they live or die I mean I told them they have to feed live mysid or at least pods but to even keep em alive at all at least brine and they said well we feed frozen even after they told me they know the babys only eat live food...But they are the cheapest and they get the best livestock and best prices In pretty much all of Ontario so Really don't have a choice buit to shop there...
yeah I wish I was closer as well do u find the mysids hard to culture?? yeah its to bad I would trade u some cuttles for some mysis ...I just had one die on me tonight he went between the plastic and the net in the breeder net and i looked like he was squished??? But he was still alive is this normal he was letting out ink but would not move at all im still not 100 percent sure he is dead so I put him in my empty pico tope ..well empty other than A feather duster some aragonite and macros
gpx1200;198580 said:
i wish you wer closer to me, i have the oposite problem i have 400 mysids and only one cuttle hatched
A best alternative would probably be amphipods from someone's refugium or at least in the US, you can mail order amphipods. I'm surprised you can't get Mysis there, have you tried aquaculture suppliers? Usually more expensive than hobby sites, but more reliable (typically).

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