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Zim Died


Jul 27, 2004
Darn it.
S. Officinalis
no discernable cause
I am guessing age.
was fine
went blind in one eye
was fine for serveral months
then stopped eating for 2 days then dead
Sorry to hear, I quite liked him from the pics you posted, balancing that little sandbank on his back...

:goodbye: Zim
RIP Zim :cuttle: :angel:

Sorry about Zim passing away. It does sound like old age. He was a fine cuttlefish and we all enjoyed hearing about him and looking at the pics.

Thanks for the kind words
had him I think 11 months?
so if i got him at 8 weeks that make him 13 months old.
he was not the longest lived cuttle but i think he made a good run of it.
Where I live, female cuttles live only a year or so in the wild, until right after spawning basically, with only the males reaching ages of two to three years (according to the locals)

13 months sounds like a great deal for Zim!

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