zeus has passed


Jun 4, 2003

so zeus passed only 2 days after all of her eggs had hatched and she never got to try out her new tank either..
None of the little pods survived more than a day, most within hours. We saw some of them eat but we would leave for a coupla hours, and they would mysteriously disappear. We only had her for a few months and its been really hard to lose such an intelligent creature.

we are going to wait awhile before getting another one, but I think we will do our utmost to get a tank raised octo, it brings the variables down a bit as far as taking care of them..sigh

Hello Dominika,

So sorry to hear about Zeus passing on. That's the hard part about owning an octopus - I know we all wish they lived longer, because we enjoy keeping them so much.

Hope you will decide to get another eventually.

All the best,

Sorry to hear...

Yeah, captive raised is the way to go... you'll have more time with your pet..

All the best

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