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Yet another hatchlings story!


Aug 9, 2004
I have almost the same exact story as in this tread babies hatching, help
The only difference is I didn't find the eggs, I went looking to get the octo and realized why she would not come out of the rock while it was out of water for a long time. I look in to see the inside of the cave covered in eggs. I immediatly removed the rock to the sump, then look up into the main tank to see a baby walking on the bottom, I grabed himn up, stuck him in my refugium on my reef tank. Then stuck the mom and eggs in another breeder and when I got back from the store I found that my refugium had overflowed.... crazy night, so I have 2 live babys atm. I expect more... man, mom is pissed to, I have not seen her since I got her, and she was swinging her arms at me, when i got close, shes mad!!!!!!!!!! Okay back to baby patrol.
Travis, read what I replied under "Babies Hatching, Help". This is an idea for how you might keep some of the babies.

Mother octos never take it well when you disturb their eggs, so I don't doubt that she's angry.

Good luck with all this!


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