Wonderpus Scientific name

That's a great name!

As long as this thread has wonderpus fans' attention, anyone have any ideas on what I should do with http://wonderp.us/ ?
Hmm. Hate to be on the off-side, but it seems rather "kitch-ey" doesn't it? I think Steve Irwin had more influence on the scientific community than we gave him credit for.
Not necessarily, people have been creative with names for a while. The name made it through the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature and Hochberg et al.'s reviewers; and I suspect Irwin didn't have much effect on either :smile:
I don't know if that says something good about the scientific world, or something bad. You are correct in the influence of Irwin on the naming though.
wunderpus photogenicus, not wonderpus

I finally dug up the actual paper, and confirmed that the official name is actually Wunderpus photogenicus. Just to clear up any confusion.
Noto meaning southern - it's a simple southern octopus. I had thought about this years back, wanting to create Notoctopus, Nonoctopus, Noroctopus ... but thought it a frivolous.

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