Will the flash bother her?


Blue Ring
Mar 10, 2005
Hi All - I just went out and got a digital camera to take some pics of Chance and am wondering if the flash will bother her at all - afraid that it will spook her and make her ink!!!

If I pull up the shades in the room she's in, she'll go hide, doesn't like the bright light - I also have a light on her but don't know if that's enough....I'll do some sample pics w/out the flash and see if they come out first but thought I'd ask before I "flash" her!
hey chance180, i took my digital pics with a flash(they camw out too blury otherwise.) didnt seem to bother my octo but then again bright lights in general dont seem to bother him. just quick movements. then again this is my first octo so ive had no prior experience.
I've seen "please don't flash the octopus" signs at several public aquariums (I think Monterey and Long Beach)-- those were GPOs, so maybe they're more sensitive than the more-diurnal bimacs.

Of course, lots of people miss or ignore the signs, or don't know how to turn off the flash on their cameras, or something anyway, and the octos don't seem to mind.
I have had many different octos and I find they start to shy away from the camera if you flash them too much. One actually would go away and sulk. I don't want them to be afraid of the camera, as once they get used to it, it almost seems like they play up to it. Ink, my octo about 5 octos ago, went blind towards the end and we had a discussion going whether using the flash contributed to her condition or if it was just old age. Just my :twocents:


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