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Will octos fight?

:welocme: to TONMO BtheK!

You'd have to have a huge tank to keep two bimacs from fighting, they might not for a while in a smaller size one but eventually they will.
In most cases this attempt is unsuccessful. Even if they live together for a few months, one usually kills the other eventually. Lots of people would like to have two bimacs, but it just doesn't work out.

Hi there, I would have to agree, I tried to keep two in a 180Gal. (Bikini Bottom in the tanks section) and they didn't wait long to decide on a duel at 8 paces! Terrible outcome, and I suspect that Henry ate Harvey, or vice versa. Good Luck! I don't think anyone is trying to discourage the practice, but we all are aware of the caveats. :talker: I've rambled on long enough, and the boss is getting suspicious :shock:
I have herd from a friend of mine that used to keep 2 together. He was trying to prepare them to breed. This was 10 or more years ago so not much was known about the species. But basicaly a male on one side and a female on the other side of a 55 gallon tank with a tank divider. They were ok for 2 or 3 months. He said they were well fed at all times. As they were getting closer to being placed together for breeding. The female decided she was going to flert a little. The male went over to the divider stuck his tenticle up to it and she got a hold on him and pulled him threw the divider and the glass. basicaly Crushing his beak. Then she had a nice little feast.

So if your thinking about 2 make sure you think about 2 tanks. Far appart. We had one at the pet store I worked at years ago. It would let itself out of the tank. Then go from tank to tank. Across the top of some and threw some. What ever it took to get to the crab tank. We dint know what was going on for weeks. The crabs kept dissapearing? So we would order more. One day the manager came in and caught the octo in the freshwater tank catching crabs. So they can and sometimes will verture into other tanks.

Sorry so long. My old boss and I were just talking about all this just a few days ago. So its all fresh. I hope this helps with any desisions you may have.
We've had a lot of discussion on these forums about whether an octopus will leave a tank and trundle over to a freshwater tank and catch food, then go back. Some think it's an urban legend. So you had firsthand experience with this? Do you know the species

I have no Idea what species it was. Like I said it was 10 or 12 years ago. When the original order was placed it was ordered as a common Octopus. Back then it was a total shot in the dark as to what your going to get.

I will ask my friend that was over the other day. He was the Manager of the fish store I was working at the time. He may have more details but I think he will most likley say it was a common.

I never knew of this as a urban legend. May be this is a job for the Mythbusters? LoL. That would be a cool show.
...one day i am going to have to set up an octopus tank right next to a goldfish tank...
Give it a try. But make sure it normally feeds on gold fish or it may not show any intrest. I'm going to call my friend to get the info on it if he remembers.

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