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Why is it that...

Jan 16, 2004
Ok, I've been wondering this for a few days now (after watching an interesting show on the San Francisco coastal waters): why are squids never available or kept as pets? Is it because they would ink immediately? They look so gracefull and interesting.
The huge problem with many squid is that they are immensely difficult to keep alive in captivity and require systems that are well beyond the means of most home aquarists. Loliginid squids, like the market squids and the Sepioteuthis Steve and Kat are raising have been held (At Galveston and of course Auckland!) but the more open ocean species haven't. We tried to keep Nototodarus sloanii alive but with little success (the longest lived for a week) They need specialised tanks (& even as a marine research lab we didn't have them) and mega amounts of food (live and kicking!!!) basically they need to been swimming in a soup of food!....right Steve??


Yeah 2 years, but they don't glow like Es do. :rainbow:
I'm just using my 20 gallon and am selling some of my rock so there is more room for them to bury and more money for my chiller.

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