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who should i take ?


O. vulgaris
Oct 26, 2007
hey all im david the guy from sweden if you dont remember :smile:
i have read:read: alot here on tonmo and many other places about how to keep an octopus. But i still dont really know witch octopus i want, it is three of them i really like the bimac, o.vulgaris and octopus cyanea. And i want a day octopus beacuse i think its better in that way you will see the octopus more and i know the cyanea is a day octopus but i have heard that it gets really really big, now to my question witch of those do you guys recommend ? and how big aqvarium should i have for it,
Few people here have experience with vulgaris or cyanea, as they both require such large tanks people avoid them. It's very hard to get bimacs at all at the moment, so it seems very unlikely you'd be able to get one in Sweden, but of those 3 choices, a bimac is probably your best bet, unless you have room and money for a very large tank. Pragmatically, unless availability in your area is a lot different than here, you're more likely to find aculeatus as an import, and maybe briareus or hummelincki as imports from the U.S., all of which make good pets and are probably worth considering.
okej thanks for your advice, and yes bimac would be cool but i think its hard to get one in here in sweden like you said, but i have talked with my lfs and they say that they can import octopus eggs that may be a better choice? what do you think monty ?
but that is probably more difficult than if i buy an allready adult.
I've never heard of octo eggs being sold separately, but it's quite hard to raise large-egged octos, and almost impossible for small-egged ones, so I'd recommend getting an adult (or even better a juvenile) octo rather than eggs.
Yup, briareus, hummelincki, and aculeatus all seem to be interactive with their owners during the day, much more so than most of the dwarf species.
There is not much written material to be found on-line yet (or maybe at all) so life span is not well determined. If you will look through the TONMO journals, you will find the experiences of members with these animals. Many of the titles have the species name listed.