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where to get a bimac

Mar 30, 2007
Hey, I'm new to the forum. I've been researching octopi for many months, and am now in the process of saving up money for a tank live rock eccetera. the reason i posted is because i have been looking for a bimaculoides for an infuriatingly long amount of time, and can't seem to find one in the metroplex area. i heard about octopets.com only to find that it had been run out of business (just my luck). I probably won't be ready for at least four months.

By the way. what is the difference between bimaculoides and bimaculatus? is one easier to keep than the other? does one have more personality? these questions are driving me CRAZY!:bonk:

Also, do CPR backpacks make good protien skimmers i hope they do because the guy at the store said they were fine, and I spent good money on it!
You can get an older bimac from zyan silver, who's a TONMO.com member. Check the Octopus Availability thread at the top of this forum.
I don't know of anyone else raising and selling them right now. Perhaps in a few months there will be some available.

Bimaculoides and bimaculatus are closely related, but have a few differences. Their ocellus (false eye-spot) is different. Bimaculatus is larger than bimaculoides and has a smaller egg size. Bimaculoides has larger size eggs, so it's not so difficult to raise the hatchlings.

Most of our TONMO.com members have kept O. bimaculoides, not O. bimaculatus, which is seldom available.

thats wierd because i saw a bimaculatus for sale on the web, and havn't been able to find a bimaculoides. Can you keep a bimaculatus in a 55? cause thats the size i bought
Bob: don't have too much faith in retailers. I seriously doubt any pet store on the web can tell the difference between O. bimaculoides and O. bimaculatus.

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