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where to buy macroalgae in bulk for the 240 octo tank


Aug 21, 2004
since I have such a large tank I am wanting some color in it.

what are the best types of macroalgae that will survive under 320 watts of flourescent light.

and where can i buy it for the best price in bulk
That seems like very bright lighting for an octopus. Do you have lighting that was meant to be used for a reef tank with corals?

no its flourescent lighting over my 240

right now there is only 160 watts of flourescent lights , 2 10ks and 2 actinics,

but i have room for 2 more shoplights and 4 more bulbs if i have to have it
any macro alage sold in shops will do..brighter the better for them but no so for the octo
some caulerpa is nice and red macro looks good - watch out for the caulerpa going sexual

it can be difficult and frustrating to attatch algae to anything without it blowing away and never being found again... try weights or rubber bands but remember the octo may move them and if the are not secured they will get lost under the rock
micro? umm did i say that... im not sure that that is the right name...lol... but i would say that is the bad stuff - a general name for green brown diatoms etc

or did u mean what does it mean when caulerpa goes sexual - it releases spores or summin which clouds the tank starves it of oxygen and causes algal blooms i think too
not good anyway...
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