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Where is a good place to get octos??

Sep 12, 2005
Hey everyone. I was wondering if there is a good place to buy octos in British Columbia? I've checked the local petstores here and cant find any so... any suggestions?? :confused:

Im trying to find these types:
-Octopus briareus
-Octopus joubini
-Octopus Macropus
- Octopus Mercatoris
Most wild caught octos are seasonal, so your best bet is to tell all of your local stores that you are interested, and have them give you a ring when one is available...you may have to wait until next spring though, that seems to be when most of them come in.
I got mine over the internet...the site is www.marinelivedepot.com

They picked out a nice healthy one that was PREGNANT!! don't think they knew, but now I have hundreds of babies in another tank.

Anyway, good luck in your search. They ship next day.
hey every one i to live in beutiful british columbia and i also a looking for a octo.. i have done plenty of research and am right now looking to a sutible tank. if i find a nice octo, Vanp please let me no and tell me were u got it from!!!

Any help i appreciated
Hi guys, I am in a similar position as you. I have to rely on LFS that sometimes get them in. Unfortunately, no indication of age or species and most from the indo-pacific do not tend to ship well. They have a much higher demand for oxygen than a fish and there is always a problem with inking. So, far except for research affiliated individuals, I have not been able to find a mail-order source in Canada. As others have stated, maybe wait for the spring and see if a LFS can get them. Maybe try J&L aquatics in Vancouver to see if they can order some in for you. Good luck.

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