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Where do I start?


Jan 5, 2003
I was out diving today in the Seattle area and had the pleasure of playing with a tennis ball sized GPO and got to thinking about how cool it would be to have a octopus (not sure which species) in a aquarium. I just started looking around on the internet this evening to get info and read quite a few articles on care and maintenence etc. I noticed a common theme..... not easy! I have very little experience with salt water aquariums, but have the patience to take time and learn while putting a system together. I would like to have a fairly small tank to start, maybe 25-30 gal. Does anyone know who I should deal with in the Seattle area? Any suggestions on equipment and species would be much appreciated.
Hi Chris and welcome to TONMO.com

There is an equipment list available here on TONMO its at Cephalopod Care and that will give you a good idea about where to start.

Quite a few of the people I know in the States that keep octos buy theirs and their equipment online so getting stuff near you isnt so much of a problem. But finding a local shop is always a bonus... maybe other members know more about your area???

Just ask away when you have more Qs

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