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Where did shrimpstuff.com go?

Scuba Kid

Jan 16, 2007
I need to get some live feeder shrimp but can't access shrimpstuff...I've never ordered from them but have heard good things and I can't find anywhere else to get them. Any ideas? :-/
I stopped managing ShrimpStuff.com quite a while back. I believe it was summer 2006. My provider was [email protected], you might try reaching out to him to see if he has availability!
Do you happen to know of anywhere else I can get live saltwater ghost shrimp? I'd rather stay away from wholesalers as I don't really want to buy in bulk. I'll try reaching him but I doubt he'd be interested in selling maybe 20 or so for now.
Skuba Kid,
Paul Sachs (aquaculturestore) is very reliable and I order crabs from him monthly. As a second/alternate source you can also use:


(look for "Marine janitors and feeders" about half way down the page). Their minimum quantity is 3 dozen.
Thanks for the links. :smile:

Just as a little heads up incase anyone was wondering, Seawater Express (The email link you gave me, Tonmo) is closed for winter.