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where did Pulpo go??

Jul 15, 2005
Maybe I am jumping the gun but I would rather post a question the worrie too much. Ok I haven't seen my Bimac Pulpo in 3 days. She (he) used to have a den right in front center of the tank. She was spending most of her time for the last week and a half with just her eyes showing out of the top of the rock. Now I cant find her. I know not to get in there and start flipping rocks but how do I find her new den? She is in a 55 gallon tanks with lots of rock in there plus a bunch of shells and a big conch shell.I am pretty sure she is still in the tank because I put some clams in a big clam shell and they are gone again today. I was hopeing to tell where she was by where she left the empty shells but they are kinda scattered around.

Last week she took some blue legged hermits off a feeding stick. I thought we had a breakthrough but now she is hiding.

Thanks for the help
Hi Chipdog,

You've had Pulpo only a couple of weeks and she's still very young. This is typical behavior and you know that she's eating. Octos do change dens and she's at the stage where she can blend in so beautifully that you could be right in front of her and not see her. Pull up a chair and spend 20 minutes examining each rock and crevice - develop your "octopus eyes"! And she'll be out again, don't worry!

secretive little devils, aren't they? Don't worry...I am sure the octo will peep out more and more often.

This seems to be a very common occurrence with octopus. Pulpo will emerge when Pulpo feels like it; I shouldn't worry too terribly much.
I was kind of just wondering where to look.
I spent more the an hour looking all over my tank. Even set up some food so she would have to cross some sand to get it. Sure enough she ate as soon as I got in the shower. Then I had a friend over and with just a glance she said isn't that your puss. Yup I suck and she found it.
So now I know where the new den is .

mine did the same thing and ive got lots of lace rock and 1 big conch shell in the middle... for about a week mines den was under a rock then it dissapeared and 3 days later i found it looking out a hole in the conch as if it had been there the whole time so dont worry too much

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