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where can i go to catch an octopus in florida


Aug 1, 2004

i had an octopus for a while put it passed about a month ago.
i could just go out and buy one oone but i think id live the thrill of finding and catching one. if anyone has any ideas where i could catch one please reply.

franko :bugout: :mrgreen:
sorry but a quick search didnt yield anything useful.....

TONMO Cephalopod Community

you might want to try searching a bit more in depth using the search function in the top right blue box......

good luck, i think its been discussed before......
I would image you would be best off to find a rocky beach, swim, or dive out to a depth of 10-30 feet, and place large 4'dia. pvc pipes with a cap on 1 end and a has half of a cap on the other end, then check the pipes daily till u have an inhabitor.

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