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Where can I get a O. Vulgaris?


Jan 6, 2006
If anybody knows of a web site or a place in CA that i can get a O. Vulgaris, please let me know.

And what is the size difference in a O. Vulgaris and a O. Bimac?

It will be housed in a 180 gallon set up.

Not sure about the website, but Bimac's arms reach up to about 58cm/23 inches, whereas vulgaris can reach up to several feet (3ft I think).
natedwm said:
If anybody knows of a web site or a place in CA that i can get a O. Vulgaris, please let me know.

And what is the size difference in a O. Vulgaris and a O. Bimac?

It will be housed in a 180 gallon set up.


In estimated terms, a Bimac is generally around 1.5 ft. arm-length...while an Octopus Vulgaris can reach up to 2.5 ft. arm length. Max is 3 ft, but in captivity...its generally 2 to 2.5 ft.

180 gallons sounds perfect for an octopus vulgaris as LONG as you have the right research and knowledge to keep them. Check out the ceph care section of this site if you havent. :wink:

As for buying one, check out the "Cephalopod Page" which is the name of a website you search up on google. There, you can find various cephalopod sources of live animals in stock...im pretty sure I saw a few online places selling Vulgaris.

I wanna own a Vulgaris one day...all the Vulgaris talk is making me jealous, lol.
Any O. vulgaris for sale would probably come from the Caribbean - perhaps some of the web sites of Florida companies might offer this species.

The 'vulgaris' that I ordered from Indonesia turned out to be Blue rings so don't rely to heavily on the trade names, but certainly have a chat with your local aquarium shops... good luck :smile:
Well theres a local place that sells mercs, mimics, vulgaris, and blue rings. They actualy catch them to your demand because they are all divers. www.seasave.net . But be warned, I went in there the other day and the owners are out of their mind, and are VERY religious and preachy. If your system isnt set up right, they wont sell to you. And say they know everything about fish and inverts (octos, sharks, rays) even though they are high school drop outs. They dont trust marine biologist and will lecture you unmercifully. Ummm, I wouldnt reccomend buying from them, but if you are in dire need of a vulgaris they special order them. They are $120 or $150 and you can be semi specific on the size you want. I got a lecture of how octopus need miles of territory and how all octos shouldnt even be kept in even 300+ gallon tanks. They hate aquariums and on their website compair concentration camps to aquariums etc. Soooooo Good Luck! Check out their website and tell me what you think!
Curious site. I sent a note asking info about the capture location of the common octopus :roll: Caribbean Common is the briareus but common world wide is typically vulgaris (which they list separately and has me wondering what it really is). It will be interesting to see if they reply.

In principle, I don't disagree with their policies or mission statement but I don't think I would care to engage in a discussion even if we agreed on the topic.
SeaSafe replied to my email

Almost two months after I sent them a note:
I was recently referred to your site as a possible source for obtaining a hand captured octopus. I have kept octos for over 4 years, raised three generations of mercatoris and been successful keeping
three different medium sized species through senescence (briareus, hummelincki, macropus). I keep
four designated octopus tanks (one is dwarf only) and am not looking for an immediate purchase but for sources that know no poisonous chemicals (quinaldine or vodka are acceptable) for their capture.

Can you tell me where (which body of water) the common octopus is collected and if they have
typically been diurnal or nocturnal (the photo is not clear enough to make an ID)? Are the Bali
Octos diurnal and are they monitored for chemical use like the US divers? If the common octos are from Haiti, the same monitoring question applies and is the animal I would most interested in requesting. After placing an order, what is the average wait before an animal is available? Do you have an arrive alive guarantee and if so what does it cover?

Sorry I didn't get back sooner. Problem with web-site's email. The common we get usually comes from the atlantic or carribean. the dwarfs comes from the gulf. Sorry there is N.G. on octopus because the problem with them is they could ink in the bag they ship in. Most of the time they do live. When they are available we overnight them. Thanks, Bambi, Sea Save

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