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where can i buya blue ringed octopus

Sep 2, 2003
cause iw ant to get one and i read alot about them so let me know if anyone knows where i can buy one online and where is a good ocotpus prooft tank i can get for the littke guy
well, if youv read alot about them you have probably heard that they are a species that should be avoided. However, if you still want to get one you should know that they are not easy to obtain. Il let other people elaborate on this.

p.s- its a bummer that they are so deadly because they are a truely beautful species. Also, dont worry about your spelling :smile:
cp, I suggest doing a search for blue ring, and checking the "search for all terms" box -- your answer is somewhere in there, amidst lots of mandatory reading re: blue rings.
thanx for the post i might buy from there. But it is pretty expensive for something that might not live long i thought they were around $15 and that damn shipping and handeling kills
hey guess what :?: :!:

I just got back from my lfs and they were selling a blue ringed octo! It was 25 dollars. Kinda weird all you had to do is tell him u want it pay the money and bam u have one of the most deadly animals in the world! When i was there some little kid put his finger in the tank that it was in (he was a stranger) and i immediatly pulled it out. Maybe i exaggerated, but i got scared for the little boy. Anyways, i just wanted to say that it wasnt that great, because the blue rings were very pale (it wasnt in danger :P )

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