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where can a buy one?!?


May 8, 2007
hey everyone. ive only just joined up on this site, and already loving it!
ive interested in a long time in buying an octopus... but as of yet have no idea where to get one from!
i live in surrey, england, and if your not aware, there not the most popular pets around here, so going into normal marine shops is just a waste of time. could anyone shed any light on where it would be possible to purchase one?
well ano a could but it doesnt have the 'being' that the octopus does... and its more of a personal want for the octopus... do you know anywhere Opcn?
the "octopus availability" thread is the typical place to keep watching, but that's usually about U.S. suppliers... I haven't heard any reports on U.K. sources recently... if you get a good source, posting it over there would be very helpful, and check it out, as there may be something there that would help. Colin might have some leads, too, although I don't think he's had an octo recently.
Well. during the time it's going to take you to get your tank properly set up and cycled, you'll have plenty of time to research fish stores in the UK. Have you read all the ceph care articles yet? Do you have a tank yet, and if so, what's the capacity? That will make a huge difference in what you can safely keep.
dean_567;94666 said:
thanks for the help... but who's colin? lol, no offense, but a havent a clue who's who on here yet? how can a contact him?

Colin is one of the staff members, and his login is the same as his actual name, to reduce confusion, so searching for posts by "Colin" is one way to find him, or you could send him a private message. He's also written articles in the "ceph care articles" section, and has a bio in the "meet the staff" area.
thanks everyone for the help :smile:

scruffy; thanks soooo much for the number, a intend to give them a ring and have a good chat with them!
sorseress; as of yet, ave not had the chance to start getting a set-up... set-up as am busy with work. and to be honest, a need to do ALOT more researchin before a'll get my octo. but yea, slowly, am reading me way through the ceph care articles, takin it all in!
monty; thanks for the info on Colin, soon as a get the chance a'll send him a message.

a have a small tropical set up, and am currently settin up a nice home for 7 terrapins, but dont know a think when it comes to marine set ups! a wanted to find a supplier in england first so a could see what they have to offer, and then research the needed set up around that. but are there any basic things anyone can say now about marine set ups?

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