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Where are the squid lovers?


Aug 20, 2004
I'm new to this forum and what I've been reading so far facinates me. But what I don't see any of is talk about keeping squids. How difficult are they to keep in captivity? What type of water conditions are needed for them (S.G., PH, temp, water qual.)? And what do they eat? I'd love to start up an octo tank at some point but I just recently started with a 12 gal. coral tank.
It's not that people don't like squid, but they are difficult to keep, require large tanks, and are not readily available.

You might like to follow Steve O'Shea's attempts to raise certain species of squid over on the Physiology and Biology Forum.

There are octos in aquariums but I have never seen squid in an aquarium, not even at huge and well-equipped places like Monterey Bay or the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Squid husbandry is tougher than keeping other cephs.

Yo Noffler

Are you looking for a challenge are you? We're working on something now - should post shortly (I sound like a broken record with this secret squirel stuff).

Till then 'my lips are sealed'.
Till then 'my lips are sealed'.

Oh yeah...unless you are singing show tunes. :biggrin2:
Andy Lister said:
At least he isn't singing Neil Diamond...


True true.........there could be mutiny in the AUT squid office if that occurred....oh but wait......wasn't there a certain pic????????? Where IS that pic :?: :twisted:

And Noffler just for the record I'm a squid fan! I'll be out with light traps soon (when the weather settles!) to try to catch some babies for some research.........will keep you posted as, when and if it all happens!!!

when i was new i posted a similar thread

i got the reply that squid were the most difficult to keep alive - though i have seen some at the LFS - that they have to be kept in cylindrical non see through containers with heaps of space


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