Whats this fossil?


Sep 6, 2006
Hey ive had this rock for a long time, found it in Canada, the fossil part was inwards towards the ground, it has two specific images, one looks like a rocket with all colours and the other actualy has indents like a fossil. problem is i dont have a digi cam so i had to webcam pic it. if anyone can set me in the right direction to finising out what kind of fossil this is, i would apprectiate, thanks a lot!


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Welcome to the site. Both look like nautiloids to me, I'm fairly sure the cresent shapes are the chambers in the shell.
I almost posted about this an hour ago, but being the layman I am, I figured it'd be more prudent to let Phil or Kevin post about this first.
Hey Guys
I found the same kind of fossil at a local gravel quarry and was wondering if it could be a belemnite. Is it possible for a belemnite to look like the fossil in Syns picture ?
no not the phragmocone sorry i mean the bit above that. the part i mean is the guard. is it possible to get chambers in that part of the belemnite ? and im talking about if its a cretaceous belemnite or a jurassic as the fossil i have is derived in the gravels so it could be from either age.
No, the phragmocone locked into the guard, but the guard (rostrum) was not chambered at all and was composed of calcite crystals growing in a radial pattern. I'm afraid a sectioned rostrum would look totally dissimilar.

Why not post a picture of your fossil here and we can have a look at it?
Hey Phil
I have no clue on how to post a picture on this forum. Can i e-mail it to you ? plus give me a few days or a couple of weeks as im really busy with collage. I will try and get a picture to you asoon as i can.
Uploading a picture is easy Fossilkid. Just write a post as normal then click on 'Go Advanced' under the text box. Then click on 'Manage Attachments' and upload it directly from the file it is stored in from your computer. Easy.

Failing that, please just drop me a pm.
Hey Phil
ok thats easy now that i know where to go lol. Plus i wont be able to post a pic for like a few weeks as i have alot of collage wor and dont think i will even have time to reply anymore for a little while.
Crikey, you must be busy indeed if you can't find time to post a picture!

Good luck with your studies, I'm sure we will all look forward to reading a palaeontology paper by you one of these days. See you on the sunny side!
Hey Phil
The time it takes to take a pic it will be time to go to collage so just give me a little bit and yes i already have a palaeontological paper written up of my own but i have given it to a paleontologist i know and he will publish it for me.
What's your 'collage' paper all about Fossilkid? Working title? Just curious.

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