Cephalasaurupod, fossil of a cephalopod from way back when


May 28, 2020
San Bernardino County
Hi, name is Shelly what I have is a cephalopod, octopus with legs or arms. Acquired from a passing friend, took me a week and a half to read this rock into a cephalofossil, hah! Anybody ever see one like it? Me neither. But legs are flowing like a petty coat skirt, but this one isn't for square dancing. I'm sure in it's day it was quite spectacular with the color it was in that catastrophic moment. Even the image of its last meal being eaten (gilted in it's digestive system?) This Opod is not a mold or cast image, it is the real thing, for sale even.


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welcome to TONMO! And thanks for sharing your pics. I'm not sure I see it? (Well, I suppose with a good dose of imagination I can make out some things) ...what drew you to conclude this is a cephalopod fossil? I might be looking past some things (not being a fossil expert).
Welcome to TONMO! I'd have to say it's a pseudofossil. But my pareidolia hasn't kicked in yet, maybe later.
Not that I am ignorant or the like, pareidolia or too fixated on what your mind only knows. Psuedofossil? It is a shame that you cannot hold it. Again, ignorance parallels too closely with a trained eye expecting the same thing. The photo clearly shows what I have seen in living ones. Arms flowing under the body and around it, showing the suckers where the top meets the edge or "bottom", along with the arms continuing around the sides, the black lines separate limb from limb. Also, bottom left corner appears to be an eye or beak. I read rocks with an open mind, if I limited my view to what I know, that's where my ignorance begins. The photo below shows the bottom of the 1st photo taken. Suckers and twisting limbs, none are broken in the flow of its matrix. Third photo clearly shows the arm folding back under itself. Curling and twisting the arms over and under to the other side

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