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May 30, 2000
A Yale alum pinged me when he saw the following piece in his alumni magazine... from the article:
The Peabody has one of the world’s most comprehensive Seaway fossil collections; less than two years into the three-year project, we’ve digitized nearly 70,000 fossils. The database will include not only images of each fossil but also, importantly, map coordinates. If you go to and search for YPM IP 224090, you’ll find the catalog entry for this particular fossil, including the rock formation in which it was embedded—the Pierre Shale of South Dakota. You’ll also see its original locality, at Sage Creek east of the Black Hills, marked on a scalable map. Information like this will enable scientists to ascertain when the various creatures of the Seaway lived and where, and how they evolved over time.

Article: Time travel | Arts & Culture | Yale Alumni Magazine

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