How ancient cephalopods fed


May 9, 2019
Portsmouth, UK
Hi all,
I'm a UK paleontologist and at the moment I'm doing a bit of research into squid and cuttlefish as predators, and how this expresses itself in the fossil record. I know of a handful of fossils that show squid eating fish directly, although these are very rare.

Some of you may well know that when a cephalopod grabs a fish of sufficient size it will bite through the spinal cord at the back of the head. This will cause the head to fall off, and this is what I believe I have fossil evidence of. However I need more concrete proof than just a few fossils. I'm looking for videos of cuttlefish and squid biting the head off of their prey, as well as recordings of the full feeding process after this if anyone has them. Ideally I'd also want pictures of the remains of the fish after the fact (I'd take the dead fish pieces in person if I could).

If anyone's got some good videos like this I'd really appreciate your contribution. I'll be posting this in a couple of other topics because I'm not 100% that the fossil threads are gonna get much attention.
Thank you!

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