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whats a good tank for a blue ring octopus

Sep 2, 2003
because i want a good lid to make sure that little mothertrucker doesnt come out and murder my ass by any chance which im not afraid of but i do want a good safe secure tank so if anyone has some links or good tanks in mind pleeze let me know because i do have a little bro and family and i dont want his little ass to escape


May 15, 2003
It is not exactly a very gd idea to keep a br octo. first, they do not live very long , only6 months from hatching. They have a highly toxic neurotoxin which can lead to death in about a few minutes. However they are very beautiful, you must however know that they only display their warning colours when threatend, at other times, it will just be quite dull.

You might wanna ask fellow TONMO.com member J.scott as he has experience on this.


Jul 11, 2003
im just curious. Why would you even want a blue ringed? sure they are beautiful, but i think all the octos are (especially my little Rocky). Seriously, octos are great pets and fun to watch even without brightly colored blue rings. Its just my opinion that you would probably be happier and a you wont worry so much with a species much more relieable.
Nov 22, 2002
My BRO only live for a few months, but never made any attempt to get out, not even when being fed.
The rings were not always visible, especially when moving over the live rock. The aquarium has a blue background this seemed to make it show off it's rings.
For a cover I used a piece of acrylic weighted down with anyhting heavy, all holes where cable came into the tank were sealed with silicone.
The Blue Ring was cool, but there are many other species that are more interesting and easier to maintain.