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what to offer to baby cuttle


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Nov 8, 2004
hi everyone,
today I went down to my LFS to get 3 cuttle eggs and was thinking wat should I feed will the hatch so any suggetion currently I am told that brine shrimp will do.
Thx :biggrin2:
Brine shrimp isn't that good a food source for cephs and problems have been known to occur when babies are raised on brine shrimp. Frozen enriched mysis would be better and if you could get amphipods they'll be quite content.
we can't really collect tiny crabs (I know this is not good) but we do have frozen mysis and I have amphipods in my refugium so finding the food shouldn't be a problem it is getting them to eat the problem but they have not hatch yet so lets wait until they hatch and will keep all of you updated!
Thx for the suggestions!
How about some pics??? I am curious to see this all developing !!!
cuttle-less in arizona
here are the pics!!!


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Cool! Do you know how far developed they are? Keep on posting up images...nice to be in on the action!
If I am not wrong they have started developing for about 30 days or so and will certainly post more images when there are more changes with the eggs!!! and will need some advice once the eggs hatch.
how much does it cost you for the eggs.... and how much is postage from singapore to the UK? :smile:
the eggs only cost SGD$5 for 3 and as for the shipping I can't really comfirm but I think we have to apply a certificate with the AVA of singapore first
I hate to add something really obvious and stupid, but since nobody else has stepped up to the plate, I feel it's my responsibility.

What to offer to a baby cuttle?

How about gold, frankincense, and myrrh?

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