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what sort of ocptopus ?


Feb 11, 2003
I'm want to buy an octopus, but I don't what species buy ? I would an octopus who is not too big ( about 3.5" if it exist...) but I don't know at all any name of this species... If you could help me, because in france there isn't any people who know about octopus.... :( and the fish shop want to have a name to order an octopus, but they can't say to that to me.
So, if you understand my mail, please help me :)
hello, it's seems like you would need to get a pygmy octopus if you want one to stay in that size range. I'm not sure of their scientific name, but hopefully someone who does will reply. A Bimaculoides seems like they would be the best all around octopus. Although they would only stay in your size range for the first few months. What size aquarium are you planning on using?
Ive got some species names for you.
Mercatoris- a common pygmy species
Joubini- a less common pygmy species, seems a lot of Mercatoris are mistakenly called Joubini by pet shops
Be a bit forewarned about mercatoris. I purchased my current octo as mercatoris, but experienced Tonmo members have suggested it's probably c.f. bockii. THIS species is not a very good pet, if my octo is any indication. I've grown attached to him as his behavior is so odd, it's kind of endearing. He is VERY, VERY timid. No one would ever know I had him in my tank unless I told them, and even then they wouldn't believe me unless I actually pointed him out...which is difficult to do! Given his size and camoflague, he's very hard to find in 50 pounds of live rock. I've had him for over three months now, and I've NEVER seen him moving around. He DOES move around and hunt regularly (he's often in a different den and has devoured all the feeder crabs I've given him). He is very light-sensitive, and only emerges when its dark, but even then he sees extremely well, inside and outside of the tank. THe second he sees movement outside the tank (me) he bolts to the nearest den.

Anyway...all of this is to say that if you try to get a mercatoris, I'd recommend you request very SPECIFICALLY a mercatoris. However...individual octos vary widely, so I suppose a mercatoris or bockii could be of any personality imaginable! Good luck...octos are worth risks like this...I love mine, so imagine how much you'll like a friendly one!

Thanks all for your help and your advice !
I think I will use an aquarium size : 40 cm x 30 x30 ( It think it's about 15.7" x 11.7 x 11.7 ) that's why I want to have a little octopus !
but have you any idea of the price of an octopus mercatoris ?
Hi zazoo, welcome to tonmo.com!

Normally a pygmy costs about £10 - 20 in the UK when it is in the shops.

I think your tank may be a bit on the small side for an octopus even if it is a pygmy. It certainly is easier to care for them in a larger tank.... Id say minimum of about 30x15x12 for a 'small' species.

In Europe its not as easy for us to get bimacs, they are commonly sold to us as californian octopuses...
There is a french company i sometimes deal (they ship to scotland) with called Amblard.... find a shop who deals with them and you should find octopuses! :)

Are Mercatoris less shy than joubini?

Just curious why you recommend the mercatoris ... are they less shy. Or do they both hide in the daytime?

We're Interested in getting a pygmy as well.

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