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What salinity should I have??


Feb 17, 2005
Everything on this website recomends a salinity of 1.026.....however, I've read that live rock and live sand should be kept at 1.022 to 1.024, which agrees with what my lfs owner told me, and he said if i keep it at 1.024, my octo should be fine because that's what he had his at and his octo was fine.....so what salinity are all your tanks at???
We recommend full ocean salinity, 1.026.

There has been a trend among salt water fish keepers to keep their tanks at a much lower salinity, the argument being that their fish have fewer problems. Sometimes the salt water LFSs sell is 1.020, or even less, so you need to test well.

Your octo would probably do fine at 1.024, but no lower.

my water is at 1.024 right now, and i dont plan on buying any, ill just keep mixing my own.....so i should be okay then...thanx!

Also....my tank is at 73-74 degrees without a heater or chiller, and this is in the spring/summer so it will undoubtedly be less in the winter...is this okay or is it too high???
Hi flash,
I assume you're still planning to get a bimac. The tank temperature you have now is OK. Try not to let it get too hot in the summer. I used a fan on my sump to lower the temperture to 73. You probably won't need a heater in the winter - the tank temperature could drop into the 60's and still be OK.

yep my tank is 75 gallons with a 20 gallon sump, and another 20 gallon food tank goin throught the same sump with, and live sand and 90lbs total of live rock
Wow, that sounds like a perfect bimac setup!!! Have always kept my salinity at 1.025-1.026...no matter how often my fish keeping friends try to tell me that seawater is 1.023. :shock:


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