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what kidn of octo for 1000 gallon

marinerules said:
though i wont have an octo in a tank this siize, i will likely have a stinkray and damsels lionfish ect , in a tank this size it would be beautfifual

StinKray? Maybye some two-jawed fangiwhales, too, I suppose. :wink2:
but other than cephs.... You definately should think about a moray! They're just the most loveable critters you can find. :grin: :wink2:

I had a little snowflake eel in my dorm room for a while, but with your size tank you can go a little bigger than that.
the most expensive thing on his tank is the acrylic windows wich was is now like $1000 bucks for a sheet of it.

its made of wood. and covered with fiberglass and epoxy , been up a long time he said

i think he told me he had about 1400 in it just window, plywood 4x4 and epoxy and fiberglass

which isnt bad at all ,

but the thing is after you get it set up all you can afford to do is put guppies in it lol
Wow! GPO here I come. How thick is that arcylic? I agree though cuttles would be amazing. I havent heard of a stink ray though, tell me more! Do they smell?

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