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What is the best octo. to start with?


Jan 22, 2004
:cuttle: I would like some info. on the best octos to start with. I have taken care of a salt water aquarium for 2 years, and I would like to research an octipus speicies that I could handle. I am looking for one that could live in a 50 gallon aquarium. Plese help!
Hi Squidkid,

Welcome to Tonmo.com :welcome:

The easiest and most rewarding octopus for a first octops is O. bimaculoides (biimac), which would fit into your 50 gallon tank.
They are available, and if you will look back through Journals and Photos, you'll find reports from various owners.

Also, to get off to a good start, click on the Ceph Care button near the top of this page. You'll go to our articles - please read the Equipment List and the Checklist - lots of good info there, even if you are an experienced salt water aquarium keeper.

Please don't hesitate to ask additional questions as they come up.

I'll second that.. the fact that bimaculoides are captive bred is a big plus in their favour too!!!

Welcome to TONMO.com :)
Hi quidkid09, welcome to TONMO.com!!! :welcome:
I also agree that the bimac is a great ceph to start with, I work all the time with them as I station and study at the nrcc, they are great no matter if your an amateur with cephs or an expert. :grad: :D
Colin, it's great that you asked, well to keep it simple and because I only have a few mins. it's been going great, Im still going strong and going for my masters. I have no time to be online as probably everyone has noticed already, but studies DO come first as usual it's life lol. I have all the resources I need but unfortunately I don't have internet access, that's why I don't get online much, I have to go to a internet cafe a few blocks away from my dorm but it's worth it, I do have a laptop but it's only for school related work, no internet access. I was planning on getting wireless but Im broke, it's hard "as is", well see ya colin and nancy, I'll catch you guys later, maybe we can discuss this further by chat, what you say the 27th of this month at 7pm (eastern standard time), you guy's up for it? :D
Or maybe we can have it on the next tonmo live chat. :)
:welcome: to TONMO.com SquidKid!

Octopus bimaculoides should be your best bet since they are captive bred by a few people meaning that they eat dead food readily are more used to humans and can be interacted with at an earlier age.

These 2 sites both sell captive bred octo's but most of our members get theirs from Fishsupply.


Colin said:
thats 1AM for me though :(

too late for a tuesday night :wink2:
another time?
Colin, sure, I can squeze some time into my schedule, just make sure its on a weekend, I am in the (GMT -5.00) Eastern Time timezone, and you're 5 hours ahead I think. I can get online usually at 3p.m., so that would be 8p.m. for you, would that be okay? :)

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